Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Pilates suitable for?

Pilates can be used for rehabiltation, older adults, pre/post pregnancy, individuals living with medical &/or bone/joint conditions plus many sports professionals & fitness enthusiasts use Pilates as a part of their training.

How will Michelle know what is safe & suitable for me?

Everyone is asked to complete a health questionnaire. With this information Michelle can advise what style of session would be best to start with, if there are any special considerations. All members are invited into a private group whereby Michelle holds a free Q&A, posts new material every week. You really do get your own specialist personal trainer at home.

What do I need?

Essential - Need a mat, to wear comfortable clothes, always have a drink at hand. Advisable - Small pillow/s & /or towel to support your head & lower back. Bender ball & band. Optional - Pilates ring, tennis balls, for conditioning & release sessions. Incense, candles, blanket for breathing & meditation sessions.

How do I access Zoom? What is the Zoom experience like?

Zoom Question & Answers

Question 1 - How do I join?


I will send you an email invitation with details of the session. You can open this on your home PC or your mobile. Just click on the link in the email and you will be taken to a new page where you will either be asked to download or launch Zoom, depending on whether you have used Zoom before. If you are on your mobile, you will have the option to download an app.

Question 2 – Michelle how will you know I am doing it right?


My set up has my laptop to film me BUT my screen is shared to my TV so I can see everyone, you may see me pausing & looking away BUT that is me checking technique, giving suggestions, alternatives & reinforcing teaching points.

Question 3 – Where should I put my device?


This is trial and error; we are mostly be seated, on all fours, lying on our front or on our back. Before the session place your device at certain heights and distance from your mat & check you can see it in the display. It will need to rest on something no higher than a dining chair. I place my laptop on a step (Juno’s one lol)

Question 4 - Why is my display different to others?


Depending if you are using a phone, tablet or laptop will you have a different display. When you join if on a phone or tablet swipe across to see other members. On a laptop you have the function of speaker view or gallery view; play with both see what you prefer. To have your display set to me; on a phone or tablet double click & it sets me as the main display. On a laptop you can pin or spotlight and the display should just stay on me.

Question 5 – Can everyone see & hear me?


You can choose to hide your camera & mute your microphone at any time. The flow of the session will go; everyone will be unmuted on entry to the session, share some love, then when we start I will mute everyone to avoid any background noise, but open them up at set points of the session with warning (please be curtesy of other participants and allow everyone the chance to speak & you can mute your microphone your end if you have noise & distraction in the background, please do not stress if the children or dog are going wild, life happens, simply mute & carry on).

Please look for the chat box; at any time you can send me a message (privately).

Question 6 – What do I need?


Please wear comfortable clothes, you will need a mat & a drink. I highly recommend a small pillow &/or rolled up towel. In addition if you have bender ball, pilates ring, band, rolling pin, tennis balls, golf balls please have at close hand (I outline the themes at the start of every week, I always offer alternatives for those that do not have equipment). For the relaxation you may wish to use a blanket or spray (relaxing aroma) to enhance the experience.

Question 7 – What if I need to ask a question or unsure on how to perform an exercise?


If unsure on how to perform please listen to the teaching points & observe the demonstration. I will ask everyone to show me a sign ie thumbs up if they have understood the exercise or invite you to privately message me in the chat box if still unsure. Please do not be afraid to ask for support, treat it as a normal session in the clinic I am here to adapt & progress.

Question 8 – What if I need to leave a session?


Just as if in a class in person sometimes life happens. If you need to leave, please pop me a private message so I know you are ok. At the end of the session I will unmute everyone & you are welcome to stay for a chat or welcome to leave & continue with your day. I will close the ‘meeting’ 15 minutes after we finish. Think of it as if I am locking up the clinic until the next session!

What is the ambassador programme?


  • ​Share at least 1 piece of content every week promoting The Wellness Clinic.
  • ​Be a passionate and motivated role model, sharing encouragement and support.
  • Proactviely contribute to the ambassdors Q&A sessions whereby MJ posts for advice/input on ideas.
  • ​20% discount on all clothing purchases for yourself.
  • ​Earn 10% commission on any membership or programme orders you generate.
  • ​Access to our private facebook support group.

What type of personal training does Michelle offer?

There are a number of reasons why people hire personal trainers; You're not seeing results. You dont know where to start. You need to be challenged. You wont to learn how to exercise on your own. You need accountability and motivation and/or you have a specific illness injury or condition.

What is exercise rehabiltation vs. personal training?

Many people sign up to personal training as they have a set goal in mind ie lose weight for a wedding, regain fitness after pregnancy or simply start a wellness journey. Whereby exercise rehabiltation is ore specific to after injury or surgery. The sessions are more bespoke and contact time with myself may vary throughout the journey as programming and progress is very individual depending on the presenting client.

What mind therapy? What does The Wellness Clinic offer?

Please visit the website:

Connect With MJ

I offer appointments online & in a clinic setting. Privacy is guaranteed. 

To make an enquiry about therapy please either complete the enquiry form, or send an email to pleasurepassionandpurpose@gmail.com.

I aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours Monday - Thursday, if you enquire over a weekend responses may take longer.

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