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‘Just Not Into You’

As a singleton with an awful relationship resume I had to find the funny side to be asked to write about a topic that maybe I should stop, take a step back and reevaluate. Clearly the editors do not know my relationship status, I agreed to write the article, then panicked. I can write with reference to current literature on the male vs. female psyche, research various articles but I wanted more, I wanted ‘real women’ to relate, understand and find their King. I truly thank everyone that messaged with comments, opinions. I am so appreciative and also enlightened. I truly got emotional reading the messages from women whom have found a truly loving man, those loving men that were happy to share how they knew their queen was the one and for those promiscuous men that messaged, your comments/statements were perfect. Read on to find out why.

As we swirl around in our land of love, thinking of him, missing his voice, his touch, his kiss, his hugs we find ourselves finding excuses on why he hasn’t texted, why we haven’t been on a date, met each others friends, arranged a weekend away, turned up un-expectantly because he was missing us. Now we find ourselves thinking; maybe his phone ran out of charge, he is really busy with work, maybe he did fall a sleep. NO his fingers did not get chopped off in some freak accident, he did not leave his phone charger at home, he did not get called into work or asked to stay late. Now I’m not saying he doesn’t like you, he just doesn’t like you enough.

Any literature around dating will tell you the ‘red flags’. I list and explore further on my website in further details.

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