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The Love Lounge

Let me introduce the love lounge. Since starting my studies I ve been fighting where am I going, will I become a Clinical Sexologist & be registered with the College of Sexual & Relationship Counsellors or will I be clinically trained & work as a Sex & Relationship Coach whereby I have more flexibility with the work I can do? Lots to consider but in the meantime I can explore the idea as I have time before I have to decide.

The Love Lounge will be a channel whereby I film various talks, podcasts & blog on everything relating to sex, love & relationships. I m devising the format and would love to hear from you. What topics would you like me to cover? Feel free to comment below or private message me.

To date I have received the following requests.

❤️ How to gently explain your partners sexual advances does not turn you on. What is it us woman want?

❤️ Pelvic floors concerns - why is sex painful.

❤️ I just don’t enjoy sex, why?

❤️ I m not confident in my body to enjoy sex. #



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