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Who is MJ?

I’m first and foremost mother and human. By no means perfect but true to my beliefs, my passion to transform; either mentally &/or physically. I shine the light & show the way to a brighter more vibrate future.

I come from a wellness background specialising in exercise medicine, women’s wellness, the use of movement therapy to restore the physical body.

Pelvic floor & back rehabilitation have been of high importance over the years.

When science couldn’t explain, my interests moved to energy, chakra alignment, NLP to my added counselling skills. As a woman when we feel aligned in head, heart and hara we are fulfilled; it can increase our vitality, health and well-being. I specialise in body confidence, self-love, recognising importance of nurturing & nourishing yourself & finding the true you or the forgotten you.

This passion, purpose has led to my studies in Clinical Sexology. My new research will explore the wonderful world of dating, sexual enjoyment, reigniting passion in relationships, though I will always stay firm to my desire of helping women recognise the power of self-love, self-worth & body confidence.

I like to think I am relaxed in manner, that people are comfortable with being open with me. Most importantly I have a really good success rate. The name Magic Michelle was given to me after a many remarkable client testimonials. Please note there is nothing ‘magical’ about my work; it is the result of much study, experience and personal practise, though I appreciate it may feel magical & there is sparkle……….. If traditional medicines are not getting you the results you desire, lets work with your health professionals and explore alternatives. I only accept onto my programmes those I feel I can get the best results with & will always be honest.


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Connect With MJ

I offer appointments online & in a clinic setting. Privacy is guaranteed. 

To make an enquiry about therapy please either complete the enquiry form, or send an email to

I aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours Monday - Thursday, if you enquire over a weekend responses may take longer.

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