Finding the right therapist is very personal and unique. I like to think I am relaxed in manner, that people are comfortable with being open with me. Most importantly I have a very good success rate.


The name Magic Michelle was given to me after a many remarkable client testimonials. Please note there is nothing ‘magical’ about my work; it is the result of much study, experience and personal practise.


 I only accept to work with those I feel I can get the best results with & will always be honest. A free initial meeting gives us both the opportunity to ask questions, discuss suitability & goals of the therapy. 


Once interest has been expressed I will send further details, a questionnaire will need to be completed prior to the meeting. The initial meeting can be done in person or via zoom.

1.1 Initial Meeting

  • Where You Are vs Where You Want To Be

    Please answer the questions below, be as honest as possible. We aim to establish the journey to go on in order for you to reach your goals.

    1. What was your motivating factor to book this appointment?

    2. Have you had any previous contact with mental health or alternative therapy services?

    3. How successful were they? Please rate each activity out of 10

    (0-unsuccessful, 10-very successful).

    4. If unsuccessful please give reasons why? If successful but within weeks your lifestyle changed please comment.

    5. Do you have any current diagnosis of a mental health condition?

    6. Relevant medical history & current meditation.


    7. Are you currently exercising? If yes what activities per week?

    8. How would you rate your current eating habits?

    9. How would you rate your sleep?

    10. Do you take time to socialise with friends/family?

    Employment history


    Family history


    Relevant experiences of school, college, university



    Relevent relationship history







Connect With MJ

I offer appointments online & in a clinic setting. Privacy is guaranteed. 

To make an enquiry about therapy please either complete the enquiry form, or send an email to

I aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours Monday - Thursday, if you enquire over a weekend responses may take longer.

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